"Do I Pass" is a visual novel where you play as a transgender woman who is worried about if she passes or not. With the help of a magical webpage she becomes a ghost and peeks into the minds of others to determine how they feel about her. There are three endings depending on the types of interactions she encounters from other people. 

The game was originally made for Confession Jam 3 and then expanded after the jam. It is playable in web browsers, gameboy emulators, and with a flash cartridge will run on gameboy hardware as well. Approximate 10 minute playtime for each ending. 

Content Warnings: Misgendering, Transphobia

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(293 total ratings)
AuthorTaylor McCue
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGB Studio
TagsGame Boy, gb-studio, Halloween, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Magic, Pixel Art, supernatural, Transgender
Average sessionA few minutes


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Ow. This cuts deep to the point I'd almost call it a personal attack ahahaha. But that means you did a good job, I think... I think it's a very good exploration of the topic as well, how the endings vary just based on who you interact with not on what they're actually thinking.

...also very impressive that this can just run on a gameboy!? Seriously wow


Thank you so much for your kind words and for playing my game.

Social anxiety + gender are really rough so I wanted to make a game about it that was less upsetting.

I’m sorry about the delay in replying. I’ve been taking a hiatus from social media for a bit.


Got all 3 endings. Wonderful little exploration of the topic. Could have benefited from some music/sounds!

My two cents on passing: To me it meant the world when I just couldn't do it at all yet. When I managed to finally pass on some occasions, after being relieved initially, it started to become less important. Now it's fine when I don't pass, because I knew I could if I wanted to. When I got to know about cis women being misgendered based on their looks or voice too, the whole thing started becoming kinda absurd to me.


How society forces gendered expectations is a kinda awkward, sometimes painful, absurd thing and I wanted to make a game about that interaction between the internal and external worlds.

I think it would’ve been wonderful to add sounds but it used a very early beta of GB studio that didn’t really have easily accessible sound functions… Plus I feel terrible for saying this but I’m a mostly solo dev so I haven’t really gotten sound down yet.


little caesars smosh


how do i get ending two? i dont get it..

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There are tree endings, here is how to get them:

* Talk to someone who misgenders you.

* Only talk to people who gender you correctly. 

* Do not talk to anyone who genders you at all. 

Tip for the “no gender” ending, the people who gender you tend to be the people closer to you. The exception to this is the person who is your crush. The passengers on the bus aren’t randomized to if you learn what they think on a playthrough you can avoid being gendered next time.


I’m having trouble playing the game, evertime I try to run it, it tells me to rotate my screen but I can’t get passed that screen.


What platform or web browser are you trying to play on?

There are multiple formats the game works in so I need to know where you’re encountering the error to help you.


I was playing on safari on my iPad. So it maybe wouldn’t have worked regardless. But it was on iPad.


Safari unfortunately doesn’t do a lot of web based things in the standard way so support is broken in it.

Firefox or chrome should work fine if you have access to them.

You can also download the .gb file and run it in a gameboy emulator to play the game.

I’m sorry that I can’t be more helpful.


thanks for telling me. I’ll save the game so I can play it when I have better software. The game does look great.

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Thank you for this. I love my fellow trans itchers.


Her cheer at the 2nd ending was cute, I loved it 

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Thank you, I tried to make a game the game cute because otherwise it would be too depressing.

I’m glad you had fun with it.


I loved it!! did the two endings, her little cheer at the 2nd ending is so cute haha very well done game :)


Thank you so much for your kind words and playing my game.

There is actually a hidden third ending but it’s a lot of work to find so I wouldn’t worry about finding it unless you are super curious.


Not The American Average If He Was A Chipmunk

I played the game around a week ago now. Thank you for making this. It was sad yet weirdly made me feel hopeful. Sending love your way


Thank you so much for your kind words.

I really appreciate you playing my game.


you dont


I probably shouldn’t of gone into this thinking it would be cute and fun, I mean it was. But I am also sad now :( But I guess that means it did its job well.


This game is about as cute and fun as possible given the topic.

My games lean depressing. x_x

That being said I did try as hard as possible to not make it too depressing given that the topic was passing which is a super vulnerable thing for a lot of people.


I saw the ghost in my first olaythrough!!didnt know it was something so rare hehe


I don’t know how you managed to do that. o_o

It was 100% meant to be an ultra secret that no one knew about except through rumors.

huh same lmao


huh? do u mean the ghost in the bus, i got it in my second playthrough

yep, that one


I was playing this again and saw another ghost that mentioned the sequel. “My friend needs help. Her spirit is trapped! But you’re not strong enough yet…”

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That ghost is a leftover from a early alpha that I tried to remove unsuccessfully. 

Completely removing broke the game or something. It's been a long time so I don't remember.

My solution to the problem was to make it so rare to appear that the odds are about one in ten thousand players will ever see it.

Somehow every year someone manages to locate the ghost and it always amazes me.

The plot to the sequel has changed a lot since then but you'll eventually be able to meet other trans magic users and ghosts.

The primary reason that the hidden ghost was cut was that encountering her dramatically changed the emotional tone of the game.

The prototype which changed a lot was that detaching too much from your body could make you literally just lose your body.

You would help another trans magical girl who lost her body.


There was meant to be another set of endings relating to the ghost who would only appear via RNG and still be pretty rare. The goal of this was to create a sort of cursed gameboy cartridge thing where there was a whole secondary scenario that most players would never be aware of.

Sort of like an urban legend? Unfortunately it would’ve scoped everything up significantly so I attempted to cut it.

As I stated before it was tied to the code too much to be removed fully so in a way it did become an urban legend alongside the hidden fairy in the game.


that sounds amazing, and thank you for telling me/everyone. I haven’t gotten the “am I boring?” ending… I wonder if it’s actually rarer than the ghost at this point. (no offense! that’s just kind of funny.)

it might be worth having someone double-check your math next time. (not me, I’d screw that up)


An absolutely masterpiece!!!


Thank you so much for your kind words. :)


Taylor McCue's astral projection is making sure you have the right opinions. 


I regret that I don't have anything really clever to say in response to this but you made me laugh really hard.

Thank you.

astral rejection like ismfof


I really enjoyed this game! Thanks for making it! Extremely relatable.


Thank you so much for playing it. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. 

That makes me super happy.

Lil ghost is so cute

Thank you


Thank you for commenting!

This ghost shows up briefly as a cameo in HFTGOOM during a certain part for one second.

I just really like ghosts.

That's because ghosts are really likable (so are you!)


Thank you, I struggle with compliments and do not find myself likable but I appreciate your kind words a lot. 


How did you make a game about my life wtf


Kinda odd for a gb game but entertainment is subjective


I’m glad that both endings exist. Really important game.


Neat game. I hadn't even considered that some people who have transitioned may feel guilty if people believe them to be straight. Changing your appearance to match your personal gender is one thing, having people think of you as the binary form of that gender is another. Thank you for making me realize this concept.


NO :(

I got Ending #1. Sad. :(



you gotta only talk to people who think you pass, each person is the same across runs


okey :')




i am a transmasc and i relate alot, just kinda the oposite :)



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Gonna echo user fallen-enough, the misgendered ending seemed way more depressing than what actually happened on the bus. Hurt my soul :> "Turns out my worst fears were true" is peak horror though!

I liked how the Passed ending still notes that passing is "Always conditional on the next person", and then the credits rolled. In summary very cool game, and also the font on this page pleases my brain, so thank you for both.


I played through the game and got Ending 1, and was very confused afterwards. 

It was only after I read some of the comments that I realized the intent behind the game. Passing is obviously one step of the journey, but to pass to the extent where people don't even recognize you're transgender is another one. 

Thinking about the game from that perspective, it is definitely a lot to think about, and to understand what other trans people go through internally on a daily basis. It definitely isn't easy, and is just... heavy.

Being trans means you have to put up with a lot of shit (see Exhibit: LaCreatura), and its just more to deal with and process through the mind. Hell, the more I think about it, the more upset and sad I get. Why isn't the world more kind and less judging.

Sorry, I didn't wanna rant too much. The game gave me a lot to think about, it was super enlightening. I guess to the creator, and everyone else out there. Don't give up, keep moving forward, chin held high :). Fighto~ Fighto~


i spent like 30 minutes straight trying to get the not gendered ending every time i close my eyes i see this game. good lord






Oh my god, I'm so sorry.

I didn't think it would be that bad. x_x

I'll have to think about this for future designs as I'm planning a psuedo-sequel to this game.


I almost cried reading through this. It reminded me of where I was when I was early in my transition. Thank you for making this game. It's beautiful :)


Thank you for playing this game.

I think regardless of passing or not or even being ignored there is a ton of value in existing within your gender stuff.


thanks for making this game <3
I think we'll both get there one day ⚧


I hope we both make it, thank you so much. :)


Kill yourself tranny faggot


You only got one slur right LMFAO 💀 I'll give you a 1/10, unoriginal, doesn't give a reason as to why they should.


this game is the reason why he should kys


I think the character in the game ISN’T the creator lmao


I am a person who has struggled with suicidal ideation. I probably will for the rest of my life.

At the same time, I am trying my best to live what I feel is a life that's worthy of continuing.

Making video games has really helped me not feel suicidal. At GDC when I presented my game, a group of men came up and laughed and pointed at my while playing it.

I thought I would be ashamed and horrified but I found I respected myself enough that I did not give a fuck. 

I hope one day, instead of caring about what random people are doing on the internet and having to hurt them, you find your community and dreams that are worth pursuing.

It's tough but I hope you can find value without caring about what others are doing. There are billions of people in the world and it isn't realistic to expect to like all of them.


Ty for telling me this! I'll try my best


jfc. transphobes be normal challenge starting rn!!


Dude, that's unfairly impossible for transphobic people to just be normal about trans people's existence


Sometimes I think there are some people who just can't be happy unless they're hurting others. 

I think hurting other people is just idk their way to have fun. I'm not sure what can be done about it. x_x

There are billions of people but some people can't tolerate a tiny sliver but idk.

All I can do is just work on the next game and do what I can to make the world more okay.


Exactly! People have an in-group, out-group sort of mentality, that's why we have so much separation beyond trans people! Some people find joy in harming others, and find reasons to justify this harm!


Yeah it's weird like some people just really enjoy hurting stuff. There's a lot of intellectualizing of that pleasure bleh.

God, I'm so tired.


What a miserable life you must live.


You know you could just... Not interact with the game?


This game gave me feels.. as a trans person myself, I relate so much to the main character. The people on the bus were genuinely kind, but I agree with the main character on wanting to be perceived as cis. Thank you for making this game, it was fun to play <3


I'm surprised the game said I was misgendered because I had a very nice time on the bus. People saw in me traits they envied and traits they didn't, and ultimately showed empathy and compassion.


i got the same ending and wondered the same thing lol


The way the game works mechanically is that the main character doesn't want for people to perceive her as transgender.

So even if people are nice she doesn't want people to be able to "tell" she is trans. That is why the misgender ending occurred.

To the main character in this game passing is people not being able to tell you are trans.

Thank you for playing my game.


I liked this.

Ending 3 is the one I try to carry into daily life.  It is hard not to end up feeling #1 though.


All of the endings happen to me even now in like the same day.

Sometimes within minutes of each other but idk, sometimes it's really hard. I try to keep ending 3 in mind and it helps.

Anyways I know I sound like a broken record but thank you for playing my game. It makes me really happy to hear someone got something out of my game.


I really connected to the protag in ending #1. I'm a trans guy and I'm always wondering if other people clock me. I used to struggle to leave the house every day because of it. But ending #1 reminds me of why I transitioned. Not to be comfortable for the view of other people, but to be comfortable in myself. Maybe I can be a little bit of a burden on other people sometimes if it means that I can be alive and not a ghost in this world. What a lovely gem of a game. 


Thank you for your comment.

What you said was really beautiful.

I still struggle with that stuff and sometimes I worry even allies don't really gender me in their head properly but ultimately it was for myself.

I agree that it's important to live as a person and not as a ghost even if that can be scary and painful when the world isn't accepting or even sees us in the right way.

Anyways thank you so much for stopping by, commenting, and even playing my game. I hope you have a wonderful day. Your comment meant a lot to me.


Really enjoyed this experience. I thought about my own reactions in that bus.


Thank you so much for playing my game, I'm really happy you had fun.

It's wonderful to hear from people who enjoyed my games.

Deleted 229 days ago

Are you okay?

Basically in the game's code if you get misgendered by even one person it triggers ending 1.
The other endings are triggered by not getting misgendered or having no one gender you.

Deleted 229 days ago

I was just getting vibes that you were genuinely really upset so I was worried.

I am glad you are okay.

Deleted 229 days ago



As someone early in the process who is still far from passing, it was so sad to be misgendered in this game too! :( Eventually I got ending 2, then even ending 3! I hope I experience those endings in real life one day! :)


I am sorry about it hurting. I tried to make the game as gentle as possible because being misgendered hurts. It has always hurt me and it probably always will on different levels of sting. I have days where I experience all of the different endings and I think many trans people will go through that too. I am still glad I got to transition and I hope that your transition brings you whatever you are seeking too.

Good luck and I hope when I finish my next game you consider stopping by again.


The concept of someone wondering if they pass or not is so completely alien to me since I don't look even 0,0000001% female so I know for a fact that I could never pass. I'm too lazy to play this game so I rate it nothing/nothing

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I found a weird secret thing that told me it has a 1/100 chance of appearing and then it gave me glitter but the glitter fell because ghosts can't hold glitter.

Great game btw! Simple but meaningful.


I am amazed that you found the secret cameo character. That's like an ultra rare secret that almost no one ever finds.

I usually sneak in secrets into my games so that I can feel as if there is are mysteries only I know as a developer.

It's weird but even if no one knows, I know and it makes me happy wondering if anyone will ever find it.

I do that too!

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