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I played this game earlier today while working and it’s stuck with me all day! I can’t remember the last time i was misgendered but I still get anxious affff on the bus assuming people are staring at me lol - this was a fun way to live that out. Thank you for making this!!

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where is it. the 3rd ending. i've tried like how many times and still its either pass or misgendered. i need help yall/

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I'm confused since I got an ending where she said she didn't pass, but everyone I looked at called her she and referred to her as a girl, so that means she did pass. Is this an error???


No, the pass is not "pass as a trans girl", it's pass as not trans


Not what i expected, but i wasn't sure what to expect and it was certainly emotionaly, i had the not pass ending first and i was overwhelmed by so much uncertainty, and then i had the pass ending and i felt better, i was not expecting this from a game, super well done and thank you, i am very inspired by the narrative and depth of the character. Praise! Praise! Praise!


This was a lot more emotional than I thought it was going to be, and I am here for it! This was a great game. Thank you.


The Misgendered ending was actually kind of nice, I thought it was good to have some representation of someone who deals with "not passing" since a lot of people deal with that. Having the character realize that, but also having them realize that they didn't do it for other people seemed like it could help a lot of people with their own insecurities whether related to this or not. Very well done 


im ftm and have been out for 10 years and still get these feelings some days <3 this was really good

I absolutely love this

A short and sweet game




? what do you mean by no? Was the game bad or did you mean something else??



Here's my video.


This made me cry, in a good way. I can very much relate to this. Especially with riding the bus.


Honestly, this is a great game and it just goes to show how much we worry about being accepted by other people we don't even know and will probably never see again. It also shows that some people are just too worried about what is in others' pants.

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I don't understand. I didn't have anyone misgender the main character in the story... like sure people could tell she was trans but the closest was "I think she used to be a man"

Edit; overall really great game with a wonderful message

Hey, I dont know if you ever were told or if you looked it up, but people being able to tell someone is trans isn't "passing" as it's understood by trans people. Passing means people cannot differentiate you from a cisgender person. Now I think the concept of passing is a nearly impossible and bullsh*t hurdle to pass over, but some people really care about it. So yea =)

I'm a transwoman

yeah she didnt say "the main character passed in this game" she said that there was no misgendering which is true even tho it warns about it? it might be in an ending I havent gotten yet but I also havent seen the misgendering. still cool game very relevant to my life big fan.


okay, this was so lovely! thanks for letting me look more into the mind of a trans person:)


Honestly, the least-expected ending is probably the happiest. I suppose that makes sense. Sometimes it's best not to stand out at all.

I love this, and appreciate the message. The insight is invaluable, so thank you.


Yaaaay I got all (?) 3 endings! When I read the comments and noticed someone mentioning Ending 3, I knew I had to try getting it too. And I loved it! Sounds like the perfect ending to me, especially since I'm nonbinary so that's exactly what I wish for... thank you for this interesting little game!


Ending 3 is my favorite ending. 

I'm still not sure about my gender fully but sometimes just knowing people are too busy living their lives to really notice makes it easier to just breathe and exist.

Anyways thank you for playing this multiple times to get all the endings. 


i really like this game. i played it before starting to transition and then again after the first time someone told me i passed perfectly (after i tried my best not to care about it and having no idea whether i did). we really are there being seen by other people huh


Yup. (I know I should add more but there isn't much beyond this to say. It's true.)


I really liked this, It was interesting and I liked the way it looked and the ending scenes. (Got all 3) <3


Wow, some of those endings are really difficult to get! I'm glad you had fun! :)


not gonna lie i was really surprised when the main character said "i don't pass". i think i was expecting worse thoughts. i actually like that, feels like im probably going to be fine


I can't speak for your life but as someone who doesn't pass all the time, I am fine. 

My life is still livable and has value.

Passing and it's closely related concept of being attractive do matter a lot but there is also a lot to life other than those things even if that can be hard to see sometimes.


yeah. i'm not really concerned with passing, it's just that i got this general fear of rejection yknow, and while i was playing i kept thinking "these thoughts are not that bad" (not as bad as some intrusive thoughts i've had) and "if this is how most people think then i've probably got nothing to worry about". that's why i was surprised, when i thought i got the "bad ending", because it was a good ending for me.

anyway, i see now it isn't really a game with "good" and "bad" endings. sorry if my comments were a bit heavy... i thought your game was really nice!


A lot of that makes sense. I've had some pretty dark thoughts about passing too.

I'm glad you're okay, there is nothing to be sorry about. Thank you for stopping by! :)

I agree


I've been stuck in this game for years now! Please help! /j


That's the longest bus ride ever.

(Also this is the sweetest comment, thank you!)


I liked the part at the end about transitioning for yourself and not other people. It's something I've been turning over in my head for a while. My biggest fears around transitioning are "what will other people think?" But I have an even bigger fear of not transitioning and like you said, hating myself for the rest of my life. 

Also it's nice to know other people sit and wonder if their cats miss them. 

Thank you for this game :)


Thank you so much for playing this game. Transitioning and what other people think is really scary. The limits of what transitioning can do are also super scary. At the same time, living your life on your terms and values is what matters the most at the end of the day.

I hope that things work out for you and you get to live a life on your terms without that hatred.


This game is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not transgender, but it really helped me see into the eyes of a trans person. I hope I can be more considerate of trans & non binary people.


Thank you for playing my game, I am glad it meant something to you.


Thank you for making this game. Is there just two endings, or is there more, and I couldn't get those?


There are three endings:


Not Passing

Not being gendered.

Also hi! I've been looking at your stuff and it's all really really good. 


Thank you <3



With the newly released Analogue Pocket, and the newest update for GB Studios, are you planning to publish the .pocket version of this game? I’d love to be able to play this on my Pocket, so I hope so!

Hi, I tried transferring the game to the latest version of GB studio. 

Unfortunately as the game was made in a very early version of GB studio it broke in a ton of weird ways once transferred. 

In order to make the game work properly I would have to remake it from scratch.

I created a fork a GB Studio 2 that export natively game in pocket format.

So it should be easy to port your game without the pain of migrating to GB Studio 3.0 if you have done it with GB Studio 2.0.

But you probably have done it with GB Studio 1.0, so I don't know if migrating to 1.0 -> 2.0 also break a lots of stuff.

If its not working, I still can port your game to Analogue Pocket manually if you want. Just tell me.


I am sorry about the delay in contacting you. I was working on another gameboy game. 

When I ran this version of GB studio it messed up the creation of my current game so I decided to wait on this for a bit.

If I sent you the files would you be willing to port my game for me to the pocket? I tried but it caused problems with all the GB studio versions and files I have floating around.

(Also thank you for your hard work doing this, I really am sorry I didn't reply. I just needed to focus on my next game at the time.)

Maybe it doesn't works because you are not using GB Studio 2?
If it the case, maybe you use the version 1.x, I also have done a patched version of the 1.x (It was not the case when I sent you the previous message).

But if you send me files and the exact version of GB Studio you are using, I will port it with pleasure ;).


Do you have an email address I could send the files to?


Looks awesome! Can you build this for Analogue Pocket? Thanks!

I really wish that I could make a build for the analogue pocket. Unfortunately due to technical differences between the versions of GB studio it is more complex than that.

I would recommend using a flash cart to play the game instead. 

There are a ton of great indie games available for GB flash carts.

Though I cannot do a .pocket file for this game, my next gb game will have a .pocket build.

Thanks so much!

this is special

Thank you, that means a lot.


Currently Wink lives in my gameboy so idk it's cool to see you stop by. 

That makes me very happy. I just put out a big update btw

Whoa! I'll go ahead and load the new version onto my flashcart now. :)

awesome 😀 would love to hear your thoughts

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amazing <3

Thank you!


I really needed to play this right about now. Excited to flash a cart and try it in a real Gameboy, too!

I am glad it helped.

I hope at some point you did get to play it on a real gb too. :)

I did! It’s flashed on there now!


That's awesome and makes me so happy.


This is really cool! Great concept, perfect execution, lovely writing~~


Thank you, I've been afraid to add more to it for fear of ruining that balance. 


I could have sworn the first time I played I saw another ghost on the bus and I kept on trying to meet them again figuring it was all RNG. Really fun little treat to play on my Game Boy color, I just wish it had sound. 


I've been taking a break from replying to people because I've been in kind of a bad place but I'm genuinely shocked you found that.

There was another ghost in an earlier version of the game that shouldn't be available on any longer. She had rng to appear and I set the odds to something really low like 1 in 999 plays.

I edited that ghost out in later versions but I kept a dummied out form that shouldn't be able to actually appear in game just to avoid breaking the ending system. 

I originally intended five different endings and an extra area but they changed the tone of the game too much. 

I decided it was better to keep the experience of the game as it was because it meant something to people and I didn't want to ruin that.


as a transgender man, this had me in tears on stream. amazing job


That means a lot to me, thank you so much.

such a lovely game


Thank you for playing. :)


This game is great!
Playing the browser version I seem to be getting random hard audio spikes? It doesn't seem to relate to any particular action (it's happened a few times even while I typed this).
Anyway thanks for making this; it's relatable and really elegantly designed.

Thank you so much for playing!

This game was made in an early version of GB studio so there were some weird audio glitches among other issues. I am glad it still came out okay despite that. 


I liked how the magical elements make it easier to share and explain your experience- I can relate to that a lot. I worry about how I can pass too.

Yeah, it's pretty rough sometimes. I wanted to explain it in a gentler way and I am glad I succeeded.

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Yes!! i got all 3 endings! cool game

Thank you, two of those endings are actually pretty hard to get so that's really impressive. 


This is a brilliant game, I totally loved the ghost mind reading mechanics, the art style and how it was all written! :)

Thank you so much :)


Everyone loves to cosplay as something they aren't. You got caught. Everyone can have their own opinions and you chose to get upset about that. It's a shame everyone has to bend knee to make others feel good about themselves. If it's your normal, then it is YOUR normal, no one else's.


i'm not gonna lie this is a really horrible take and i don't think you should talk about this topic again until you're more educated on it.


It's a POV of how people try to force their idea on other people. It's like that 69 POV. Where one man sees 6 and the other sees 9. It's a POV thing. Everyone has their own idea of how things look. Not everyone should follow the same idea as one person or else there would have been just one person. People need to realize that their opinion is valid but so is everyone else's. You might not like what I said but you thought about it in the way you read it. 

And yes, that person did cosplay as a woman. Because when you dress up as something you are not, what are you doing? Cosplay. 

One shouldn't get upset at what others think because it's subjective. And no one should have to lie to make that person feel better. 

And with this ay of age, people are hating on others for not accepting what they are. You're not gonna get a lot of fans if you bully the people into accepting you. I can't make the people that want me dead stop wanting me dead by forcing them to accept that I'm alive. 

People aren't seeing the bigger picture here. And the bigger picture is criticizing the people who hurt others for having an opinion that they don't like. 

And I don't care how many people will hate me for what I said. Because they interpreted it that way, they made themselves mad.

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It isn't freaking 'cosplay' it's how they feel about themself. The person who 'cosplayed' as a woman is actually a woman. and there's no room for opinion here they are either a man, a woman, or anything else in between to you. It's not your opinion if you think they are a man then that's downright disrespectful. I mean how would you like it if somebody told you you were something your not. How would you like it if somebody said you were the opposite gender of what you are. I'm sure that would make you mad. that person isn't cosplaying because that's what they actually are, a woman. That's how it freaking works now shut up before you offend anybody.


People tell me a lot of things that I am not everyday. I live with them. You didn't have to tell me that for me to get the feeling of relating to someone. It is cosplaying if you look at it from my POV.  From your POV, it seems that you believe everyone can be anything they want to be and that's none of my business. I never said it was my business, what I'm saying is, a lot of y'all are hypocrites to your own word.  If you are born, biologically a man, you are a man. And if you want to say you are really a woman, you are a woman mentally. And it's really sad because some of y'all put women to shame with the way y'all dress and act. So busy to act like what you are not, you forgot that in reality, you are born as what you are born and that costume is just what it is. You can put on your make up and do your hair, but you're still going to wake up as what you really are. Most of y'all trick other people. It's like you played in makeup so long that you had fun and fooled yourself.  And some people just use this opportunity to make a trend out of it and that's what I really don't like. I can argue with you all day but I still won't be the reason why you're so mad and confused. You can't make the whole world accept you if you are not okay with just having yourself accept you.  People can be gay, lesbian, trans, etc but not super straight. Sexuality is a choice and that is true because love is the attraction to what is pleasurable and satisfactory. But trans... people will use this as an opportunity. If everybody really wanted to switch roles so badly, why don't they just take on all the pains with nature and society.  But this time, try it without stealing the gentiles from people. Because, yeah, they do it. How would you feel to wake up and see your daughter's body on the news. They body is all torn up to pieces and you can't even recognize her. You wanna talk about what's fair, let's talk about how LGBT gets upset at other people doing the same thing that they are doing.


We can all look at the same picture and get a different answer. I will offend whoever I please since they have the audacity to offend me and expect me to shut up and listen. You need to keep an open mind and realize who you are supporting and who you are really against. 

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oh yeah sry about telling you to shut up i was having a bad day. but other than that i stand by what i said

I have thought a long time about how to reply to this. I don't want any conflict or to reopen any wounds like the conversation below.

As a small game developer the most I can ask for is that people play my games so thank you for playing this game.  

sorry that you have to read people arguing but it's a really good game!

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