The deadline crushed me for this game so it didn't turn out how I had hoped. 

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorTaylor McCue
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine, Unity
TagsFemale Protagonist, homelessness, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Meaningful Choices, poverty, Story Rich, Transgender
Average sessionA few minutes


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I feel like this is a great start to making branching path stories, but I can't really call this a game. It was more like a webpage. Kind of like Homestuck, but more rudimentary. Still, I hope you end up happy in life. I wish all the best for you and your creative endeavors.


It saddens me to see the reality mixed into the fiction. Understanding is the first step; second, acceptance. Instead of just casting someone out because they "don't belong"...maybe try to see what they do, hear their hearts' aches. If the person being persecuted doesn't belong, how does the persecutor?


Another short but lovely game with an important message!


This game was horrible to make because I was allowed a super limited amount of text and art for the game jam rules. 

I absolutely got wrecked by those limitations and didn't do the core game justice but I can always go back and try later.

Thank you for being kind about some of my rougher stuff. I'm glad you could enjoy them.


This is suuuuuuper good!!! This wasn’t at all about what I expected, but I loved it. As a trans femme who was homeless twice in her youth, this really hit home. Things also didn’t end as badly as they could have for me, but the marks of those experiences stay with you forever. Thank you so much for making this!!


This was a super flawed game due to the nature of the jam limitations. I couldn't overcome those limitations. 

I'd actually been considering taking a few of my more flawed games down because I've felt they were too weak.

I am glad that this meant something to you and was worthwhile. It makes me glad I let it keep existing.


Btw, I've seen your work around especially yurivania. You're super amazing so it's really nice to hear from you. 

I hope you're doing well. 


I totally support you doing whatever makes the most sense for you regarding your games, including taking them down, but yeah I’m glad I got a chance to play this. 🖤

I can see what you mean about the limitations, but for me the content really shines through any of that.

I’m glad and flattered that you like my work! Hopefully we can both keep creating and growing. It’s so, so important to me to have queer trans game devs making queer, trans games!


I'd like it if we can keep growing and making more works. I've been stuck in a pit of depression lately and it makes it hard to get anything done or function properly. 

I do have something that I've been working on and I'm scared of the reaction I'm going to get but I will release it eventually. 

Within my games I don't really go out of my way to comfort players, it's kind of a flaw that I try to soften with art style. In your games I've had a strong feeling of hospitality and comfort at their core which I respect. Anyways please excuse this message if it's disjointed or has any weird sentences, it's been hard to write with depression. 

All of that makes total sense!

For my own games, at least right now I’m mostly trying to make what I want to play, which includes a lot of comforting and consolation.

I think it’s important for marginalized folks, especially trans folks, to include their trauma in their games when they feel the need. I also think marginalized folks should be allowed to make games on just as many topics as those in power do, and I dislike the double standard our own communities often hold us to.

But, for me, what I really want and need right now is just places where I can let go of the stress of everyday life and model how our lives could be if everything worked out nicely.

I totally understand being worried about people’s reactions to one’s work. It bites. I hope you do get to release your next work in some form once you feel ready ~~ I’ll be rooting for you!

Depression bites. Take care of yourself and good luck!


Short, but quite a powerful narrative with a strong and important message. I appreciated quite a bit.

And you're right, trans rights are housing rights.


Trans rights are housing rights and every trans person should have a roof over there head and own it.

But omg aaa thank you for being so nice and supportive. The game was a hot mess because of jam limitations and I struggled a lot with it. I am glad someone liked it. 

Thank you for always idk being cool.

(also sorry if this is rambly I'm exhausted and overwhelmed.)

That is completely understandable, take care of yourself.

And I continue to appreciate all your work

Thank you, also I was really happy to see you released a new game today. It was really good, I enjoyed it a lot.

It was totally different than I expected and that is a good thing.