You are DDOCE0L51V a military augmentation unit. You were made for combat, you were made to survive, but can your abilities bring anything other than suffering?

A short demo of a visual novel being made for Cyberpunk Bundle 2020. 

I wanted to participate in the bundle but I hadn’t really written anything cyberpunk before so I made this from concept to demo in about 14 days. 

Unfortunately it’s short due to the fact I made and scrapped two other concept games before it. 

For anyone who bought the Cyberpunk Bundle, thank you. Though I plan to release this game for free I plan to give a small bonus to everyone who bought it. Thank you for supporting indie game developers.

The game is still a work in progress but more updates are planned. I hope to have the game finished in twoish weeks but with the holidays coming up please don’t be surprised if I take a bit longer

The final game will be made in unity, this a work in progress. All art assets will eventually be replaced. I hope you can forgive any errors, awkwardness, or notes in the game. It’s still growing.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorTaylor McCue
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsCyberpunk, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Mental Health, Queer, Singleplayer, Transgender, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes


Me and My War Machine DEMO Download Ver.html 2 MB
Me and My War Machine 12-7-2020.html 2 MB


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hey this game has really managed to stick with me since i first played it (i think pretransition!?) I love the writing, and i really like the (literal and unwilling) weaponization of transfem bodies as a metaphor to process the way people can view us sometimes. I don't know if thats exactly how you meant it, but theres so much that can be done with this :) Its a really inspiring story/demo! thanks for making this! 

This was really great writing and I felt it was funny as well as heartwarming and thought-provoking. I know it was a rough demo, but seeing your little dev notes peppered throughout added charm to it. But your writing is really amazing!


Hi, your comment really made my day. Thank you for being so nice!

I attempted to make a game in time for a bundle and failed after going through a bunch of concepts. I tried to finish this but fell into major roadblocks.

There was a game I started before this one which I am now close to finishing. I'm hoping to release it before June. After that I plan to go back to this game and finish it.

Until then, thank you so much for enjoying what is a really rough work in progress. I hope that someday I'll be able to show you the finished game even if it might turn out differently from the current one.

I'm glad I had that effect on you, you should feel commended for your effort! 😊 

I don't know anything about game dev, but if it's like any creative pursuits, then always remember that tomorrow is a day closer to a completed idea. You will get there and I will hope and pray for your luck.

And even if you don't get there... What does it matter? Creativity is about creating. You've created, even if you haven't finished it. And that is better than to have never started at all. 

I look forward to seeing this game finished though, even if it may be totally different. 🥰

I like the ideas and writing in this! Great cyberpunk vibes.


Thank you so much, it has a long way to go. I ended up having to post earlier than I was ready for but that's kinda the way it works sometimes. x_x

It do be like that sometimes. I'll be curious to see where it goes from here.


Thank you, it'll probably be really different from the original but I intend to post the whole thing and once when it's done. 

I just played through this. I love the sense of time jumps as the weapons system, that you're only brought out during the fight/flight response, and always without time to explain what happened in the meantime, or the context of why you're here, right now; and the body you're riding is always unwelcome to your presence.


Thank you so much for this comment. This reminds me of why I really love this game. I plan on finishing it but I've been a mess. 

I desperately want to love my body that keeps trying to keep me alive no matter how upset I get and this game was kind of a love letter to that. I'm really glad that you get it, I hope you will play the full version once it's finished, whatever form it takes.


I love that this basically takes the "I didn't ask for this" Deus Ex meme and turns it into a compelling exploration of bodily autonomy, technocratism, and the politics of self-harming. Very interested in the full release.


Thank you so much, I don't really know what that meme is but I get what you mean. I guess I just kinda felt that we have a lot more technology these days but everyone is just miserable and end up feeling helpless. If knowledge is power and we have access to unlimited information why isn't it helping? We are at the peak of access to tech that's unprecedented in history and we're all just kinda flailing around with it instead.

At the same time I wanted to try to learn to love the part of my brain that's fight or flight and look at things from it's perspective as a body mindlessly trying to survive regardless of what I want. Looking at it that way there's something very kind and likable in how determined our bodies and fear responses are at trying to keep us alive. I wanted to write that kind of inarticulate hero(ine)/victim. 

Anyway, I'm at risk of ranting but thank you for feeling excited about the game. I'm glad I can put some time into it's fundamentals, the next release will be stronger? (I hope!)

Very compelling, I look forward eagerly to the full release!

Thank you so much. I made it in a really short timeframe so I didn't have time to do the prep work I usually like to do. I promise a full version will be out eventually. 

:) I'm sure the full version will be great


I always like the notes in your games, I know it's supposed to be a demo, but it makes it feel more personal. It's interesting to see all the outcomes written out, too, the game becomes this really unique, curious document

Thank you so much. I'm always really happy when you read my rough betas, especially your feedback on saving you from yourself 2. It means a lot to me that someone appreciates my roughs.

Yeah, I love this too. I adore the feeling of the scrawls in the margin.


Thank you, I know it's not polished but I'm glad the heart came through.