Action Button = Space Bar

Movement = Arrow Keys

Trigger Warnings are listed in-game.

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Traduzido em Português (BR) por: Raphael Tamashiro (rapho)


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I come from a very different context in every way. But I truly appreciate what you have done, thank you.


randomly stumbled upon this game, and i dont regret looking into it one bit. while trauma of this kind is hard to recover from, i hope one day it can be easier for you.


I don't have words to describe my admiration for this game. I hope one day youre able to escape from the brunt of the hurt and find the love you deserve. <3


I don't know if I can put into words how this game made me feel, except that I hope it helped you to make it. I hope that it could help you shed some of the shame, knowing that so many people see themselves in it and beside you. 

As a game, it's excellent. It has wonderful art. While it was cute it never... took away from the feeling of the game, if that makes any sense. And the times when it dissolved or was less cute it felt poignant and deserved. I loved the moments of quiet within (looking at the vending machine, the gummies at the pharmacy) and how they contrast with the other parts. I love the simplicity and impact the games of yours I've played have. The title and its use is compelling, though distressing what it meant to you.

As a piece of art and connection, it brought me to tears. Trauma from any source, in my experience, never really goes away, but I can only hope it's eased its grip on you.


Damn. That's a whole L tbh, I wouldn't let that slide.


thank you for sharing your story. mine is different, but the emotions resonate all the same. trauma is complicated, and you described it perfectly. i feel like trauma is only seen as real when it is extreme, when it is obvious. but most of the time, it is quiet and just leaves you empty. it is done through social pressures and in subtle ways that blur lines. most of the time, it is questioned how much of a victim you really are, regardless of how you feel. really, how guilty is the offender? everyone makes mistakes, everyone miscommunicates. then you question yourself. it is always about making the person who hurt you feel better, and that you need to let things go. it is a painful, endless cycle. it is even harder when the people that have done the most damage are close to you, and people you cannot easily leave behind, if at all.


thought it was a porn game, Made me rethink a lot of stuff. Figured out I'm trans, thank you and im sorry.  

Thank you for sharing. I hope things are a little easier now.

Thank you for sharing.

Interesting art style


The enormous work that went into packaging and organizing your experiences into a small thirty minute box is very clear to me. Thank you for putting this much of yourself out there. I will never forget this.

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You've changed how I see some things, this is going to stick with me for a while. Thank you, and truly I hope for the best for you and for everyone.


Couldnt stop crying. It takes courage to speak about this.


thank you very much. take care.


hey, i hope you're doing okay.


I don't know how to feel about this game...


This game will be in my thoughts long after I have played it. I hope you find peace some day.


I appreciate you for gifting us a peak into your life. Altough the past can't be changed, I am certain your story will impact the future of many. Thank you for sharing, I hope you find love which you so thoroughly deserve.


This game was in my backlog for a while and I finally played it today. This was raw and powerful. Talking about your experience was a good decision. 


You finding creative and honest ways to share your lived experience inspired so much hope in me. Things like this are so isolating. Thank you for continuing on <3


I did not know what to expect from this game as most of the material doesn't relate to me. It was in browser so I thought why not try it. It sheds a little bit of light on what I don't know about sex work, how people start it and the feelings behind it. However, one line hit me really hard "I wanted to be clean again" and I cried. Thank you for your story.


Really powerful game. I appreciate the amount of work that you put into this. 


I didnt intend to play this game, but I started it nonetheless, and couldnt stop till end. Really good job there. Great writing and concise thoughts-gathering. Empowring.

(1 edit) (+5)

Many have said thank you and I'm not going to be less.
I haven't lived any even remotely similar experience.

I had something to say about myself but there maybe ain't even words to describe whatever happened on this side.

Thank you, again.

Also this is an incredible piece about how criminalization ruins people's lives. Sorry for breaking the mood of the entire comment up there, but I've seen so many lifes going to absolute hell through the work of my parents on healthcare just cuz it's really hard to talk about -anything- remotely related to illegality without getting backslashed to nothingness and seen as some kind of pariah. I just hope the world either evolves into a kinder place or burns down on it's entirety every single time I think about this.

Anyways, yeah, will have a severe change of tone and overall thinking methods around sex work after this, on a level of philosphy, morals and logistics (besides whatever happened to me for the rest of the entire thing).

Have a wonderful day.


Really good game! I love the sincerity, it's like I'm reading a diary and feeling the deepest emotions of someone who is open to tell everything about itself, even those things that hurts.


This is one of the most emotionally moving games I've ever played. Thank you for sharing your story.


What a good game, perfection. It's important to share that kind of story.


This was a heartbreaking and beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing this part of your story with us. <3


thank you very much, really thank you.


I finished the game, I think it's really important we share our stories. i think trans narratives in media so often fail to authentically capture the experience. there's so much shame and trauma along the path for so many of us.  this game touched me, I'm proud of you for opening up. thank you for sharing. 


I experienced your story, it might fade from memory, but I will let it be apart of my ongoing spirit.

Thank you.


Played through. You and your story are worth knowing, and you did a great job putting it together in this game. Whatever you do from now on, I hope you know that a bunch of people on the internet appreciate you.




Only being able to imagine the ammount of effort and pain this must've taken to make, I thank you for making and sharing such a personal and honest game. 

Please do take care of yourself. 


taylor, thank you for making this game and thank you for all of the work you do to build community among queer game developers. the game is so beautifully made & i feel lucky to have played it.


Wow, ive never felt so many consecutive and thought provoked emotions in any game. Thanks for your story


Probably the most human game I've ever played. Not just an amazing example of what indie games can be, but an experience that I am going to think about for a long time to come. 


thank you for taking the time to put this game together, I played all the way through and I see and understand many of the traumas laid out here. I hope you are finding the space to heal where you can, where each of us holding pieces of similar shapes to your own are finding our ways as well.

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I have to say I've never understood sex work as an asexual, respected it and think it should be respected/protected definitely, but this game showed a different side to it. I think friends in the past glorified it especially since they were young, underage and dumb. Almost like sally but in a digital way. Obviously as the creator stated we still respect sex work, the game is just showing her experience. The game is amazingly made, love the graphics and the story is heartbreaking. I hope this was a way to help heal her trauma and hope she's doing better!

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